Signfi etches the analog
autograph into digital eternity

Sign on.


Signfi is a first-of-its-kind series of digitally hand-signed memorabilia.

Signatures reflect who we are. Each stroke is infused with the personality and character of its owner.

We use signatures to represent ourselves, and we collect autographs to feel closer to those who matter to us.

Until now, an autograph only invited you to remember the moment of signing. Not anymore. Now you can experience it forever.

The initial collections feature 5 celebrities, each with 5,555 NFTs comprised of 5 rarity tiers.

each drop

Bold, unapologetic and authentic.
A Signfi is unmistakable.


The Signfi rarity pyramid is comprised of 5 tiers.


The roadmap prioritizes building, strengthening,
and growing our community.


Bronze Age

The Bronze Age marked the first time humans began working with metal. Our first 5 collections are born.

Iron Age

The invention of steel in the Iron Age brought about stronger tools. Our tribe strengthens. Members of the community will have an opportunity to earn income by deepening their engagement and taking on key positions.



The Renaissance ushered in a new age of art. Our creative talent thrives. Artists among us will have a chance to create Signfi-themed works. The community selects the best designs to be featured on lifetime whitelist passes for future collections. We'll auction these off with a portion of proceeds going to winning artists.

Industrial Age

Steam engines in the Industrial Age made power portable, opening new markets for trade. Our movement gains steam. The Signfi Marketplace is created, giving holders another option in buying and selling Signfis.


Information Age

The Information Age was catalyzed by the miniaturization of CPUs. Our community processes. Analytics go live with the launch of Signfi Insights, a platform integrating blockchain data with beautiful visuals to provide deeper intelligence on the collections.

Space Age

The Space Age broadened our world to new realms. Our community gathers. Signfi aspires to cultivate meaningful celebrity-fan engagement in more personal settings through the Metaverse. Imagine living-room concerts put on by a Grammy winner. Or a virtual boxing match with the reigning heavyweight champ.



A philosophy dating back to ancient times, Alchemy seeks to transmute basic elements into precious metals. Our alchemists succeed. Owners will have a window to burn a number of Pearl Signfis within a collection and receive 1 Bronze. Subsequently, Bronzes into 1 Silver. Is Gold within reach?

Which blockchain is Signfi on?

Signfi is on the Ethereum blockchain.

How much does each Signfi cost to mint?

The mint price for each Signfi will be announced on the Discord and updated here. Stay tuned.

What is gas?

In order for the Ethereum network to run, a fee (called gas) is charged for transactions processed by the network. The price of gas fluctuates based on several factors, including network traffic, and goes directly to miners for supporting the network. Learn more here.

What is the minting process?

Signfis may be minted by anyone on the whitelist during the 24-hour minting period and while availability remains.

How do I get on the whitelist?

There are many ways. Please join our Discord to find out.

Will I be able to choose which celebrity’s Signfi I mint?


What happens if I am unable to mint a Signfi?

There are secondary marketplaces where Signfi will be available, including OpenSea and LooksRare.

What if I have another question?

We look forward to meeting you on the Discord!


The team behind Signfi

Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art
Anthony Lloyd
4D Art